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Getting a good eight hours of sleep keeps your body functioning at its best — from keeping your appetite in check to lowering blood pressure. A recent study has even shown that sleep protects your brain. Beyond health, proper sleep increases productivity and even the ability to enjoy life. Yet 40 percent of Americans don’t get enough, according to a December 2013 Gallup poll. And according to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2011 Sleep in America poll, a leading cause of sleepless nights is gadgets in the bedroom. Although many electronic devices hinder sleep, advances in technology have also brought a number of tools that can help us get more Zzz’s and make counting sheep a thing of the past. 

Electronics in the bedroom is usually a no-no, but we’re making an exception Jinserta, a new gadgets that promise a better night’s sleep, and the perfect companion to start sleeping more soundly tonight. With Bluetooth technology enabling you to listen to your favorite tunes. Equipped with a Bluetooth technology, this practical sleep accessory easily connects to a mobile phone, laptop or tablet. It also features earphones so you can relax your mind while listening to your favorite tunes.

Unlike most sleep gadgets, the Jinserta, goes beyond minute-by-minute metrics and actually helps you fall asleep with pink noise (a softer variant of white noise) and neurosensory algorithms that trigger a motion-induced sensation in your brain, like a baby being rocked to sleep. Low-frequency music and binaural beats (rhythms that train your brain to match sleep wave-forms) ease you into slumber.  

Did you wake up this morning and your first thought was how you could sleep for two hours more? It can get even worse when your tiredness stick with you through the day. Isn’t it time to change your sleeping routine?

A lot of people underestimate the power of quality sleep. Luckily, there are few actionable steps you can take tonight to improve quality of your sleep. A good night’s sleep can make a difference in your day to day activities. Better sleep hygiene leads to more productivity, better energy levels and overall happiness.

We all know that we are supposed to get a solid eight hours sleep per day – this is a tried and tested fact that has become a globally accepted standard. Is sleep as black and white as we think however? Is obtaining eight hours of uninterrupted bliss as vital as scientists and researchers lead us to believe? In most cases yes – eight hours is a perfect amount of sleep and allows our bodies to rejuvenate sufficiently, but there are always some additional factors like stress, diet, the quality of your life and so on.